This website is my short stories home. These are all complete as far as I’m concerned.

Some Science Fiction, Horror, Comedy throughout, likely a little fantasy, a few non genre too.

I have Books on Amazon and other shopping portals too, if you like the short stories, the books are pretty easy to find on this page.

I also use this portal to let people know about my wargames. Legions of Tercia and Mark IV.

I haven’t been writing, I don’t know why, my muse is dead.

Legion Games

Legion of Tercia (LoT) is a multiplayer player versus player strategy game and RPG. Everything is turn based except a few things on the hourly ticker such as Monsters + AI + turn dole.

LoT has magic items, artifacts, characters, armies, friendly and offensive spells. Plus players work together in Covens and can form Clans with multiple covens.

Different races can produce 3-4 troop types, and classes will determine what spells you get and your special abilities.

Rounds only last 4-5 weeks. I’m working on figuring out some ways to extend the game play, but you know the really big empires get big, reset is due.

Boards vary based on how many turns per day you get. There are a few other things that can vary on boards, but turns per day is the primary factor right now.

The game starts, very basic items + artifacts, every so often a new stage will start, this may result in cut in troop costs, new more powerful items, and new artifacts.

Attacking Monsters can result in a special event (5-10% chance), these are detailed at the bottom of the monster calc page. A full moon will increase this chance, and it happens with every new stage.

Attacking Players + AI is your best land gains. Players are risky, because they typically have teeth and can bite back. The goal is getting the most land, biggest military, strongest Characters, best Items.

Berserk attacks will let you break any AI or Monster, no matter how strong they are. These attacked are limited, if you signup late you get extra, and as the round progresses when a new stage hits you might get more.

Copyright 2019, Geoffrey C Porter

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