Zombie Flick – Horror / Comedy.  I wrote this book in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, when I was in a state run mental hospital.  I had no music.  Cigarettes were restricted.  I sat in an uncomfortable chair.  I wrote on paper with a pen.  At least one reader claims this is his favorite of all my books.

Juxta, Magi – Epic Fantasy.  I wrote this in the hospital too.  My friend David considers this his favorite of my books, and possibly it’s my favorite too.  Juxta is a child of prophecy, and he must overcome great odds to choose his own fate.

R.A.E.C.E. Genesis – Military Sci-Fi.  This book details an interstellar war between aliens and humans.  The characters are human, the plot is solid, but it is a war book, there is a lot of focus on battles and military technology, as well as history.

The “W” series.  The Wither Chronicles.  Winter’s Line.  The Witch.  Epic fantasy about immortals falling in love and doing battle.  My attempt at paranormal romance, but really they are fantasy books, with a little sex in them, and characters who quest for love.  Winter’s Line is my favorite in the series, and the way the books are setup, they can totally be read in any order and enjoyed without confusion.  There are “lost” chapters to this series.  Some of the chapters detail what the characters from Wither Chronicles are doing during Winter’s Line, but there are also lost chapters that take place in between the books.  If I expand on this series, it will be via more lost chapters.

Lost and Found: the Crimson Path – This is a story about a man whose wife is murdered by vampires.  He goes on the war path.  It is as much comedy as horror, and there is a little romance in it, too.  The events in this story are essentially the start of an apocalypse, and I’d like to detail that apocalypse further, but honestly, the book stands alone fine, and I don’t see myself writing a sequel.

Codename: Bear – this the new book.  Action/Advenure/Sci-FI/Humor/Sex/Aliens.  This book has it all.  I hope it is available in June of 2015, but if it isn’t, so be it.  I’m not going to rush it out if it’s not ready.

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